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I'll eat my hat

Q. How on earth did such a daft expression as "I'll eat my hat" become so popular. Has anyone ever eaten their hat? Percy Jones, Chipping Sodbury ...

... expressing one’s complete confidence in the outcome being described—“if that horse doesn’t win, I’ll eat my hat”—dates in this form only from 1836, ...

Eat my hat? / English Teacher Explanations (ESL Tests)

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 15:08 pm Post subject: eat my hat? ... I'll eat my hat if I'm wrong is a promise to do something impossible if you are wrong. ... - 48k

I'll eat my hat -

I'll eat my hat. Idiom: I'll eat my hat. International English. Idiom Definition:. Meaning:. You can say this when you are absolutely sure that you are ... idioms/i'll+eat+my+hat.html

What is the meaning of the phrase ‘eat my hat’? , example, “If that is not going well, I will eat my hat”. If somebody can explain with origin of this then ...

vaccine? I'll eat my hat, says Gates - Britain - Times Online
I would eat my hat.” Speaking shortly before his visit to Buckingham Palace, where he received the insignia of an honorary knighthood from the Queen, ...,,2-1508179,00.html

Urban Dictionary: I'll eat my hat

Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. Define your world. define.php?term=I'll+eat+my+hat

Below Zero: Eat my hat!

Eat my hat! [rant] I recently went to dinner with my family and ate at a sports lounge called Dino's. Now, they claim to have "[a] Relaxed atmosphere, ... ChristopherUlicne/personal/008231.html

I'll eat my hat - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and ...

I'll eat my hat (old-fashioned). if you say you will eat your hat if something ... If we can't beat a second-rate team like Sheffield, I'll eat my hat. ...'ll+eat+my+hat - illustrator - Gill Bradley - Eat my Hat

illustration - Eat my Hat-Illustrations for book of Spells - Bradley, Gill. Illustrations for book of Spells. previous illustration | next illustration ... illustratorDetails.cgi/6215

Visitor Opinion - I\'ll Eat My Hat

I'll Eat My Hat. posted by Owen Fonorow on 29 May 2004 at 11:17 am. The technique, to release a damaging report to the world press, before the paper can be ... youropinions.php?opinionid=4202

OK. I'll Eat My Hat. Treo 670 Runs Windows - Gizmodo

I'll Eat My Hat. Treo 670 Runs Windows. Send a link to this post 'OK. I'll Eat My Hat. Treo 670 Runs Windows' via email:. Your Name:. Your Email Address: ... ok-ill-eat-my-hat-treo-670-runs-windows-116128.php?mail2=true

Telegraph | Property | 'If they can reproduce this, I'll eat my hat'

'If they can reproduce this, I'll eat my hat' (Filed: 29/03/2006). Prince Charles personally approved the designs for his Duchy's latest development in ... property/2006/03/29/pprince27.xml

Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts critics | If that's art I'll eat my hat

If that's art I'll eat my hat Jonathan Jones Wednesday June 9, 2004. How long can you look at bread? The press view of Jean-Paul Gaultier's exhibition Pain ...,,1234765,00.html

Way South: I'll eat my hat

I'll eat my hat. Fodder comes to the slow realization that hes going to be stuck with Goerge Bush for another 4 years. Hes right, you know. ...

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